MDM Margin & Pricing Workshop

Increase Sales, Profit & Customer Retention

1:30 - 5:30 pm, Monday, May 11

Led by MDM’s John Gunderson, a 20-year distribution marketing veteran, this hands-on workshop gives you proven B2B distribution margin improvement programs that you can take back to launch with your sales and leadership teams. 


Small changes lead to big results. This session is for sales leaders and those responsible for gross margin protection to take back proven margin and profit improvement programs to train sales team associates. You’ll get a handbook and PowerPoint presentations to lead your team to get immediate improvement.  

Custom Associate Pricing Survey:  This 10-12 question internal survey will build at the seminar will allow you to survey your associates pricing perceptions. MDM will also give you general benchmarking scores on key survey questions so you can see how you compare to other B2B distributors.

MDM Profitability Training Playbook:  Includes Powerpoint Template and Content that you can use to launch your version of Fight the 5’s and the Power of 1% at your B2B Distributor.

MDM Financial Models:  You will receive excel spreadsheets that will allow you calculate the increase in commission rate and dollars for price increases for your sales teams. You will also receive MDM’s Exclusive Impact of Discounting spreadsheet.

MDM’s Power of 1% Training Program:  This comprehensive program will give you all the tools you need to train your associates on the impact of small price increases. The huge impact on your overall profitability that small price increases make is presented in a simple way for associates to grasp and help move your business forward.

MDM’s Fight the Five’sTraining Program:  This comprehensive program will give you all the tools you need to train your associates on their manual pricing habits. The majority of distribution associates have go-to pricing habits for items they use when they override the system or recommended prices. This program provides you a tracking system to put in place for your business with marketing materials to help your associates break the habit and improve profitability.

MDM Post Workshop Review & Support:  Our team of experienced B2B Distribution Pricing and Profit leaders will be available for followup calls to help you get an outside perspective on your surveys and program progress. 


More details on what we’ll cover: 

Fight the Fives 

Too many associates take the natural and easy way to price on the “5s” – 15%, 20%, 25%… – and give away too much margin.  Learn how to check this corrosive manual behavior and help your team get immediate results with small, incremental improvements. 


Power of 1% 

A one-percent improvement to a six-percent EBITDA business has a 15-percent impact!  Common sense, but too often it’s easy for associates to slot into behavior that adds up to a big impact.  This session gives you the tools and content to get your team fighting for every bit of the bottom line. 

VP, Analytics & E-Business

John has held senior distribution leadership roles in analytics, marketing, e-business, category management, pricing and sales over a 20-year career across multiple distribution product sectors. He was previously Vice President of Marketing for EIS, an $800-million electrical and electronics distribution subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company.

In addition to EIS, Gunderson has led marketing teams for Anixter (formerly HD Supply Power Solutions), HD Supply Construction & Industrial – White Cap, and Crescent Electric Supply Company. He started his career as a “distribution runner” picking up supplies for a general contractor.