Bill Myers
Regional Director, Sales

About Dimensional Insight
EData is big these days, and our industry-specific applications enable distributors to figure out what it means. With our solutions, distributors can negotiate the depths of their databases, analyze information, and generate customized reports with visualizations and dashboards. Distributors rely on us to help increase productivity, improve supply chain visibility, manage production, control inventory and grow revenues.

We handle complexity better than anyone. Since 1989, we’ve been developing and deploying our analytic solutions for complex, highly-regulated and compliance-driven industries. We’re proud of our history of delivering industry-specific insights to our customers in 31 countries.

We take an integrated approach to managing data visualization/displays, data sources and business rules. We hire smart developers and industry veterans like Mike Brockway, with deep domain expertise and we empower them to develop award-winning products that continually delight our customers.