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AI-Driven Solutions to Bring the Back Office into the Digital World

Esker is a global leader in AI-driven process automation software. Esker’s solutions are compatible with all geographic, regulatory and technology environments, helping over 11,000 companies around the world improve efficiency, visibility, and cost-savings associated with the processing and exchange of information. Esker’s Order Processing automation solution automates every phase of order management — from order reception to its creation in the ERP/business application.

Users can electronically process and track any fax, email, EDI, web portal, mobile order or customer claim with 100% accuracy, visibility and efficiency. Today’s enterprises also use other Esker solutions to digitally transform business processes such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing and more.

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Data Analytics, Governance, and Management Platform


Data is big these days, and our industry-specific applications enable distributors to figure out what it means. With our solutions, distributors can negotiate the depths of their databases, analyze information, and generate customized reports with visualizations and dashboards. Distributors rely on us to help increase productivity, improve supply chain visibility, manage production, control inventory and grow revenues.

We handle complexity better than anyone. Since 1989, we’ve been developing and deploying our analytic solutions for complex, highly-regulated and compliance-driven industries. We’re proud of our history of delivering industry-specific insights to our customers in 31 countries.

We take an integrated approach to managing data visualization/displays, data sources and business rules. We hire smart developers and industry veterans like Mike Brockway, with deep domain expertise and we empower them to develop award-winning products that continually delight our customers.

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Your industry-specific pricing and selling challenges – solved

PROS is a cloud software company that helps competitive enterprises create a frictionless and personalized buying experience for customers. Fueled by dynamic pricing science and machine learning, PROS solutions make it possible for companies to price, configure and sell their products and services with speed, precision and consistency in an omnichannel environment.
In a world where the customer is in control and fully informed, the PROS algorithmic approach to generating personalized, dynamic offers and pricing at the right time is the essential component for every leader shifting to a modern commerce strategy. Enterprises have relied on PROS for decades to win more deals; get to market faster; gain an unfair advantage; shape customer demand and create a superior customer experience.

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Product Information Management for Commerce

Magnitude Software’s Agility® is a simple-to-use but highly sophisticated Product Information Management (PIM) solution that puts your most valuable product data at the stable core of a go-anywhere, sell-everywhere commerce strategy. Agility Multichannel is the only major PIM vendor focused on fully integrating Product Management, Experience Management and Commerce. Agility services customers both directly and through integration and reseller partners around the world.

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Award-winning sales intelligence and analytics software

Sales-i is award-winning sales intelligence and analytics software designed to make every sales call more personal and profitable.

Designed exclusively for wholesale distribution businesses, sales-i empowers salespeople with data so they can clearly identify and target high-quality sales opportunities within their current customer base.

Equipped with detailed insights into customer buying behavior, wholesalers and distributors can make insightful, personalized, quick business decisions, realizing repeat sales, reduced customer churn and maximized profit margins as a result.

Used by thousands of businesses worldwide to maximize the intelligence of their sales teams, distributors using sales-i typically experience a 26% uplift in sales value within 3 months.

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Enterprise solutions that manage pricing, rebate and channel programs

Vistex provides enterprise solutions that manage pricing, incentive, rebate, royalty and channel programs to enhance business performance while reducing labor and infrastructure costs. Our software and services empower enterprises with unprecedented visibility into program performance to gain deeper insights and enable fact-based decisions that drive revenue, control cost, minimize leakage, and streamline processes. 

Much of a distributor’s operating income is derived from back-end supplier rebates and chargeback claim-based cost recoveries; so, it is critical to determine the effectiveness of these go-to-market programs. Vistex provides distributors with tools to track and analyze purchasing agreements and incentives in conjunction with contract pricing, sales rebates and sales commission programs to ensure adequate buy- and sell-side margins. 


Powerful, affordable ecommerce solutions for midmarket B2B companies

Unilog is a global technology company that delivers powerful, affordable eCommerce solutions for the B2B marketplace. Our cloud-based eCommerce platform and product data enrichment services help distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers increase online sales, reduce cost to serve, and enhance their digital channel. For more information, visit

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Mobile inventory app for automated replenishment

eTurns TrackStock is a mobile inventory replenishment app designed for distributors who want to digitize and automate inventory replenishment in their customers’ stockrooms and on their service trucks. Sadly, most distributors are still using a manual process or a first-generation mobile app for replenishment and these processes are prone to error, take too much time, cause stockouts and overages, and waste tons of money and time on procurement.

eTurns TrackStock’s web and phone apps use scanners and sensors to optimize inventory levels and automate the customer resupply process, thereby lowering procurement and carrying costs. But most importantly, eTurns TrackStock helps distributors put a moat around their customers and increase same-customer revenues by up to 30 percent. This is because our app is 10 times faster at replenishment than ecommerce sites like Amazon Marketplace and it prevents customers from price shopping because replenishment is automatic.

eTurns can be used for vendor-managed inventory, customer-managed inventory, or consignment. Customers or reps can use our phone app to scan items they want to order, or, to track consumption and trigger replenishment. Our RFID and weight sensors track use and trigger replenishment with little or no human involvement.

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Cloud-based accounts receivable solutions

VersaPay is a leading provider of cloud-based accounts receivable solutions. Increasing the automation, centralization and visibility of your AR process while providing customers with a class-leading AR experience.  VersaPay enables a self-service portal where end-customers can access invoices, make payments and collaborate with AR teams in real-time. Collections task lists are replaced with 150+ intelligent notifications, reducing manual effort by 70%. From invoice presentment and payment, through to collection and cash application automation, VersaPay helps companies improve their customer experience and get paid faster.

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Texas A&M University

Offering a Master of Industrial Distribution program designed for working professionals

The Master of Industrial Distribution (MID) is a 4-semester, part-time, mobile learning graduate program designed for working professionals. It offers value through the incorporation of both academic professors and industry leaders who co-teach courses allowing you to learn not only academic theories, but relevant and practical applicability with industry! The MID program focuses on supply chain management, logistics, and profitability of distributors and manufacturers (suppliers) in industrial channels.  The MID program involves immersive learning experiences such as Residency Week, The Global Project Trip and a Capstone Project.

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